It's Not About "Having" Time. It's About Making Time

It's Not About "Having" Time.  

It's About Making Time 


Quote above by:  Rachael Bermingham



      Mortgage Lenders often catch a lot of grief (and bad press) for Closings that 
don't take place on time ...


     As a Mortgage Lender, I think some times that's a bad rap. But I can't speak to others' actions or the level of service they provide.  


     I can only address my own professional actions and experiences, my own service level, my own transactions, and what I see take place within them.  


     And what I'm seeing more and more often is a very slow and lackadaisical response time in regards to my requests for information and documentation.  People just aren't making their response a priority.  This happened again recently.


     An email I received within my inbox contained no written message.  It wasn't signed with a name or provide any other clues as to the sender.  


     It did however, contain over 20 pages of attached info.    The majority of those pages contained no names, addresses, or references to any specific transaction I presently had in process.  


     But finally:  On the last few pages of the documents received, came a name.  It initially drew a blank, but a light bulb eventually went off fitting the name and a home buying scenario together.


     I'd received a phone call late on a Sunday evening almost 5 weeks earlier.  After a rather lengthy conversation, I'd asked the caller to send me copies of some monthly billing, accounts, and documentation.  I thought that info would outline the debt they had, provide some insight into the property they hoped to buy, and also explain why a previous mortgage application they'd made had been declined.     


     No documentation arrived.  No further calls or contact of any kind were received.  Even after several attempts to contact them.


     Fast forward almost a full 5 weeks to the email I received today ... 


     I'm happy that this caller is once again pursuing my mortgage services.  But as it turns out, the original home and contract referred to in the original conversation is still in play.  


     And of course, everyone wants to close on the transaction according to the Contract date.  It's urgent they do so.


     Uh-huh.  I'm not kidding ...


     It's vitally important for everyone within a transaction to understand:  For a transaction and its mortgage financing to move quickly and fluidly, clients ... and each professional that represents them ... must reply, comply, and communicate in a timely fashion.  


     Currently, that's proving more and more challenging in too many cases.  And it's interfering with the processing of files.


     I believe that I can and will successfully close the transaction for this client.  But it will not be without a Contract Extension in play. 


     If you're hoping to buy in Chicagoland, Illinois or Wisconsin ... and are in need of mortgage answers and financing, please contact me.  I'll be happy to assist you.  


     We'll all work together towards a successful home Closing with thorough communication and consistent and persistent attention and care ... all carried out in a timely fashion ...  



     *  Hoping to Buy or Refinance a home in New LenoxWill County, or elsewhere in the greater Chicagoland area?  Contact Me today!  I'll be happy to hear from you and put my 37 years of mortgage experience and expertise hard to work on your behalf.
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